gcompsw – Component / Composite automatic 4:1 switch.

Current version: 1.1

Price: $110

Shipping (USPS):
Domestic (Priority Mail): $17
Canada (First Class Mail International, tracked): $23
International (First Class Mail International, tracked): $30
I don’t offer combined shipping for the following reasons:
1. the international shipping is cheaper if I ship several smaller boxes rather than one larger;
2. minimizes my fees in an event of a lost package;
3. greatly simplifies my order processing and saves a lot of my time.
I’m not responsible for the customs fees, that’s something which is entirely on you.

This switch is similar to my other project gscartsw sharing the same principle – effortless automatic switching with best possible video quality and HD video support. This is combo Composite / Component switch which means that it can be used for both Composite and Component signal switching simultaneously.
Only if you plan to use composite functionality: depending on your setup you may have two options:
a) TVs with shared Composite / Y RCA plug (Yellow / Green): connect Composite source to Green switch input and connect Green switch output to Yellow / Green plug of your TV. Depending on your TV model you may have to use a remote to switch to Composite / Component mode;
b) TVs with independent Composite (Yellow) and Y (Green) RCA plugs: connect Component / Audio RCA outputs to TV the usual way but use the additional separate RCA lead for Composite (Yellow) RCA output.
You will have to use the TV remote to switch to Composite / Component mode. If you have separate stereo audio inputs for Component / Composite TV inputs you will have to use additional 1:2 RCA splitters (not provided);
c) There may be other setup variations I’m not aware of, just post to the development topic and we will try to figure it out.
All the game consoles I tried here work perfectly. Component sources tested so far: PS2, PS3 (including 1080i), PSP, WII, NGC, original XBOX. Composite sources tested so far: NES, SNES, SMD, PSX, ZX Spectrum and some other retro stuff. Given that most users who gonna get this device are gscartsw owners I don’t think that composite functionality will be used often but from the design perspective the composite switching functionality was free so I’ve included it.
While I am doing my best to help everybody, I don’t have every console / revision here and I may simply lack the time needed to troubleshoot every possible hardware combination. If you disagree on anything written here – please don’t buy.

1. 4 inputs;
2. Design with focus on video quality;
3. Automatic switching based on sync (Composite / Y);
4. Integrated video amplifier;
5. EXT header support to query / override enabled input;
6. PSU polarity & overvoltage protection;
7. Upgradeable firmware;
8. Externally powered (standard 2.1 DC jack, 7-12V, center positive), hi-quality universal power supply is included.

Discussion / Progress / Support thread:

13 x 13 x 4.5cm


(the particular batch units may look a bit different due to parts availability, power supply may look different but it’s guaranteed to be supported by the switch and your power network)