Automatic 8:2 RGB SCART switch with sync regeneration and Sync on Green support.


The orders are managed using paypal. It means that paypal transaction on your account is an indication of a successful order. Each order takes a few days to complete and paypal will automatically assign a tracking number to a transaction the moment I print a shipping label. Usually you get email notifications from paypal about all that.

Failure to understand the concept and creating a PayPal case without a legit reason in a period when I am trying to ship your order will prevent you from ordering gscartsw from here. I don’t have a time to serve that obsessive compulsive disorder of yours.


The shipping is slow, especially international. I usually drop off the package the same or the next day after I print a label. USPS is extremely busy and the holidays are approaching, everything is overloaded. Don’t be alarmed if you see that “Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item” on the tracking, they don’t scan it until later. It may take a week or two to start track. Sometimes it stops tracking after leaving the US and stays in the same status when delivered. The international delivery is usually a few weeks but it can take up to 3 months, that’s my 2020 experience. I have no control over it and I can’t call USPS and ask what is going on with the given package, I’m not a magician.
If you feel any of this could be a problem – DON’T BUY. I would rather not sell the switch than waste my time to calm you down over lengthy email exchanges. I don’t have time for that.


3/23/2021: IN STOCK


Any SUPERGUN conversion (or other silly arcade mods in general) will permanently damage the switch. This is not the switch problem but rather SUPERGUN conversion design flaws (mostly amplified audio but sometimes video is also involved) multiplied by incompetence of the most SUPERGUN conversion developers. Providing amplified audio on SCART / Component RCA connectors is a violation of standard and can destroy all the other equipment it is connected to (OSSC, Framemeister, TV, etc). Such damage is easy to detect and I will not fix the switch. That said, if you ever plan to use SUPERGUN, do me a favor – don’t buy the switch and don’t waste your hard earned money on something you will destroy.
You have been warned.


This is technically a next version of gscartsw_lite but I decided to use the older “gscartsw” name to make it easier for everybody. I always manufacture only one switch version at a time so it makes sense. The main feature of this revision is Sync on Green (SoG) support. The switch will detect SoG signal and convert it to standard RGBS format. The sync is separated (SD) / forwarded (HD) from green to the standard sync line and can be stripped from green if needed (DIP 2). This solves incorrect color level detection for some problematic displays.
In addition to that I decided to add full audio / video input protection to minimize the damage when incompatible equipment is connected, as it happened with WindyGaming SUPERGUN in the past. Please take into account that protection won’t make all the faulty cases work, it’s there just to protect the hardware.
The other features are Micro-USB power supply and DIP switch settings.

Features (v5.3):
  • 8 SCART inputs
  • 2 SCART outputs
  • Simultaneous output support
  • Design with focus on video quality
  • Automatic switching (sync based, no SCART pin 8 / pin 16 lines have to be routed in the cable)
  • HD signal supported (up to 1080p)
  • Sync regeneration
  • Sync on Green to RGBS conversion support
  • Integrated video amplifier
  • Sega Master System sync fix (corrects skew on Sony BVM-D models)
  • 4 position DIP switch for configuration
  • EXT header support to query / override enabled input
  • Full audio / video input protection
  • PSU polarity & overvoltage protection
  • Externally powered by USB (reinforced through hole MicroUSB connector)
  • High quality universal power supply is included
DIP options:

For every toggle up is OFF and down is ON. The unit is shipped with everything OFF but this is something not guaranteed.
DIP 1: Enable sync regeneration
DIP 2: Disable sync on green compensation
DIP 3: Enable Sega Master System correction
DIP 4: Disable status LED

Price: $240
Shipping (USPS):

Domestic (Priority Mail): $17
Canada (First Class Mail International, tracked): $23
International (First Class Mail International, tracked): $30
I don’t offer combined shipping for the following reasons:
1. the international shipping is cheaper if I ship several smaller boxes rather than one larger due to weight;
2. minimizes my fees in an event of a lost package;
3. greatly simplifies my order processing and saves a lot of my time.
I’m not responsible for the customs fees, that’s something which is entirely on you.


I will fix or replace the unit for free in case it stops working the first 180 days after arrival if owner is not at fault, however the owner has to ship the unit here on his own expense. Please take that into account especially if you’re outside of the US as depending on a country the shipping might get expensive. Also I’m not responsible for something lost when being shipped here (never happened so far).
I might also repair the unit if it stopped working because of the owner fault, in most cases I can diagnose the cause pretty accurately but in this case the owner has to cover the repair and return shipping. Also I reserve the right not to repair the unit where owner is at fault (but so far I managed to repair everything except 2 units one of which had trace damage and the other one had everything fried).
Nothing like this usually happens but I have to put this disclaimer here to protect myself.

Discussion / Progress / Support thread:


26 x 13 x 3.5cm

Laser Bear Industries Bumper Cases:

Designed by Greg Collins, check that out, I use these myself:
Make sure you watch installation video first, gscartsw v5.2 installation is tricky.

Vertical Mount Brackets:

Wonderful gscartsw user ChrisTheMeat designed vertical mounting brackets and published his work here: