gscartsw v3.4 [JP21 Edition]

gscartsw v3.4 RGB JP21 switch.



As I don’t work on JP21 switch version anymore I published everything needed to manufacture the switch. This archive includes GERBERs, BOM and case drawings. If you have questions on this you can post in my gscartsw thread on assemblergames or just PM me there (superg). All that I ask is please don’t claim that you’ve created the switch, don’t remove any silk labels and just be nice.

The switch doesn’t alter the signal and very few VGA monitors support low resolution signal so please don’t rely on VGA monitor as your primary display device. Main purpose for the VGA connector is this nice VGA->BNC cable which can be used to connect the switch to BVM/PVM monitors. Game consoles compatibility is very high but depending on your setup you may have to do some adjustments and basic understanding is required. While I always state that RGB-modded consoles are “unsupported” most of them work fine. Most users are able to resolve compatibility problems on their own, there is a support topic here. While I am doing my best to help everybody, I don’t have every console / revision here and I may simply lack the time needed to troubleshoot every possible hardware combination.

1. 8 JP21 inputs;
2. JP21 / VGA simultaneous output;
3. 3.5 audio jack output;
4. Design with focus on video quality;
5. Automatic switching (sync based signal detection, no power pins needed);
6. Integrated sync stripper (ON/OFF switch);
7. Integrated DC Restore circuit;
8. Integrated video amplifier;
9. VGA HSync/CSync mode selection (ON/OFF switch);
10. EXT header support to query enabled input;
11. PSU polarity & overvoltage protection;
12. Externally powered (standard 2.1 DC jack, 7-12V, center positive), hi-quality universal power supply is included.

Discussion / Progress / Support thread:

(I highly recommend this website for everything RGB-related videogame info)

JP21 Cable:
If you plan to use JP21 output you’ll have to solder one yourself (or ask somebody to make it for you). Following diagram includes fully wired version:


If you plan to use XRGB-Mini you don’t have to wire AV Control, YM and YS. For Ground it’s enough to interconnect pin 14 on both ends.