gscartsw_lite – Automatic 8:2 RGB SCART switch with sync regeneration.

Current version: 1.5

Price: $180

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Lead time: ~6 weeks after pre-orders cut off. This is only an estimation, timing may change due to reasons beyond my control. If you are unable to wait – please don’t buy. Pre-orders are usually opened for two weeks. Opening a PayPal case in the pre-order range automatically disqualifies you from purchasing, the funds are refunded and you are blacklisted forever. In case you would like to have a refund (life is tough, things happen – I know that) just sent me an email and I’ll do my best to help you. You’ve been warned.

Manufacturing: The PCBs and most of the soldering is performed in China, case assembly, testing and shipping is done by me at my home (my wife occasionally helps me with that). That said I’m one busy guy, please be patient. Game consoles compatibility is very high but depending on your setup you may have to do some adjustments and basic understanding is required. While I always state that RGB-modded consoles are “unsupported” most of them work fine. Most users are able to resolve compatibility problems on their own, there is a support topic here. While I am doing my best to help everybody, I don’t have every console / revision here and I may simply lack the time needed to troubleshoot every possible hardware combination. If you disagree on anything written here – please don’t buy.

Main difference between this and gscartsw is switching circuit and removal of VGA / 3.5 audio jack in favor of the second SCART output. Observing gscartsw usage I figured out that very few users use the VGA port in H/V sync mode (canonical VGA provides separate Horizontal / Vertical sync). If you own gscartsw you probably know that VGA output has two modes: CSYNC and HVSYNC, controlled through a toggle switch (CV/HV). Usually VGA output is set to CSYNC mode and VGA2BNC cable is used. So that said I decided to replace VGA port with second SCART output. This will make the switch cheaper as less components will be used (no VGA, no audio jack, smaller footprint, less logic). Another feature is sync regeneration, this feature is supposed to fix all sync level issues which are often an effect of incorrect modding. Sync signal is detected by Altera and level is automatically set to compatible, everything else is stripped, like LM1881/EL1883 IC but much faster, you won’t see a big image shift anymore, something very visible when LM1881/EL1883 is used. Switching circuit is also different here (Altera utilized) and it is cheaper to manufacture while maintaining the same set of features. Don’t be misled by the name, think of this project as a “gscartsw next”, reiteration of gscartsw and an effort to make it cheaper yet retaining highest possible picture quality. Other than that it’s still good old gscartsw.

1. 8 SCART inputs;
2. 2 SCART outputs;
3. Simultaneous output support;
4. Design with focus on video quality;
5. Automatic switching (sync based signal detection, no power pins needed);
6. Sync regeneration (ON/OFF switch);
7. Integrated video amplifier;
8. EXT header support to query / override enabled input;
9. PSU polarity & overvoltage protection;
10. Externally powered (standard 2.1 DC jack, 7-12V, center positive), hi-quality universal power supply is included.

Discussion / Progress / Support thread:

26 x 13 x 3.5cm


(the particular batch units may look a bit different due to parts availability, power supply may look different but it’s guaranteed to be supported by the switch and your power network)

[EXTRAS SOLD OUT, I’m sorry for it being so quick, I’m going to order more units next week, no more preorders, will fund everything myself]